How to Order

how to order

Place Order with Customer Service

Custom corporate gift orders must be placed with a Bosca Customer Service Representative. They cannot be submitted through the website. Please read the following information you'll need to have ready, contact us, and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to begin your order. Bosca Customer Service
Monday - Friday; 8AM - 5PM, EST
[email protected]

Order Details to Include

Please include the following information so we can fill your order quickly and with the highest possible quality:
  • Style number and leather name
  • Color
  • Description of item
  • Quantity and price
  • Die-ready art (instructions on how to prepare below)
  • Location of stamp
  • Size of stamp
  • Shipping method and address
  • Date the product is required

How to Submit Die-Ready Electronic Artwork

All logo art must be submitted as line art—sometimes called vector art—in Adobe Illustrator® or saved/exported as an Illustrator® EPS file from another illustration program. Art from other line art applications such as CorelDraw® are acceptable only if saved or exported as an EPS file. NO BITMAP ART WILL BE ACCEPTED. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS ON BITMAP ART VS. LINE ART.
BITMAP (unacceptable)
This illustration represents a closeup of a bitmap image of a curve. Bitmaps use a series of square pixels to simulate curves by "stair stepping" the squares. Notice how rough the line looks. Even worse, if you need to enlarge a bitmap, the clarity and "crispness" of the image will deteriorate rapidly. To make an accurate stamping die, you can see why this kind of image is unacceptable. These types of images are usually saved in a variety of unacceptable formats including jpeg, gif, png, tif, etc. Even EPS files can support bitmaps so don't think just because it's an EPS file that it is line art!
Vector (acceptable)
This illustration represents a vector/line art image of a curve. Vector/line images are created in illustration programs like Adobe Illustrator®, CorelDraw®. Unlike bitmap images, vector images are smooth and can be increased (or decreased) in size without effecting the clarity or "crispness" of the image. Vector art, therefore, makes highly accurate stamping dies which will replicate your logo in a pristine and professional manner. These files will be saved/exported as EPS files or as native Adobe Illustrator® files.
Art can be supplied via email to [email protected]

Personalization Details

All Bosca Corporate Gifts include one stamp in one location. You can add a personal touch by adding a monogram to any piece. For information on shipping, returns, and cancellations, please see our Shipping & Returns page.